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Undivided Attention!

This package includes a complete team to work your wedding including Juanita Powell-Brunson Owner and Creative Director and up to 2 assistants. This package is for the Brides and Grooms that want guidance from start to finish. It covers all of the details that go into making a wedding truly extraordinary.

Backup Plan!

For the Client who may have already completed part of their planning and needs less help than a Full Package. This package allows the Client to a hands-on role in their planning with our professional assistance to guide them.​

Best Friend for the Day!

This package is a couple’s best friend on their wedding day. While the couple prepares for and enjoys, the day, it’s the coordinator’s role to make sure everything goes according to plan. I will focus on everything from making sure everyone is seated and ready for the ceremony to ensuring that specialized meals are served to the correct people. Every small detail is within the coordinator’s purview. I'm the on-site authority making sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Private Parties

Baby Shower, Sip & ​See, and Christenings

Bar Mitzvahs & Sweet Sixteen

Private Events



Corporate Events


Conferences, Corporate Parties, and Team Building

Ella Rose Events will develop the main objective of creating an event experience that not only meets the company's goals but also runs smoothly and on budget. This includes all negotiations including hotel and meeting space, arranging for food and audio-visual equipment, and meeting with marketing personnel to develop appropriate event collateral, such as programs, signage, and advertising. 

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